10 Computer Hits 2

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Title: 10 Computer Hits 2
Company: Beau Jolly
Type: Compilation
Year: 1985
No of Players: 1-8
Language: English



The follow-up to Beau Jolly's wildly successful first compilation of ten games, 10 Computer Hits 2 returned to the same formula by mixing great games (3D Starstrike) with less stellar games (Moon Buggy) and throwing in the odd iconic platformer (Technician Ted) for good measure.

At the time of release all of the games (with the lone exception of Android 2) were well over a year old and while some had matured gracefully, others were already looking long in the tooth.


As with the first in the series, 10 Computer Hits 2 benefited from being one of the first compilations on the market for the CPC, had the same collection of games been released a few months later, chances are that it would've been given a rougher ride. As it was, however, 10 Computer Hits 2 was well received by the only magazine to review it - Amstrad Action.

They felt that "they may be old but look at that price! Besides, who cares what age the games are when you've got the likes of Gauntlet and Android 2? If half the games are worth Mastertronic prices - and they are - then the odd duff one doesn't matter anyway. Go for it!"

AA: Issue 01 (Oct '85) Page 79-80 no mark AA RAVE



  • Like the first in the series, 10 Computer Hits 2 was supported by a television campaign in the UK, a unique move that set the title apart and doubtless helped to shift a number of extra units.