3D Boxing

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3D Boxing
Developer James Software
Publisher Amsoft
Musician Unknown
Release 1985
Platform(s) CPC
Genre Sports (Boxing)
Game Modes 1-2 Player (Simulatenous)
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Media disk Cassette
Language Language:english

Early pugilistic fare from Amsoft, published under their Amsoft Gold label.

This game is included on : Super Sport II.

Inlay Text

Now enter the ring as a contender for the most prestigious computer boxing title - THE AMSOFT BELT!

From the comfort of your armchair you can partake in one of the world's most gruelling and bloody sports via this superb 3D graphics sports simulation.

The way to the title is long and blood thirsty as you can take on some of the top fighters in the game, each with their own specialities and characteristics:-

MAD JOE A lightweight; he moves around a lot and throws the occassional jab when under pressure.

QUASI A bit toughter than MAD JOE. He moves around slightly less and uses a block sometimes/ Offensively, he still sticks to the job.

ROLAND Very much a non-mover. His training has concentrated on his upper half to the detriment of his dodging capability. He throws a mean upper-cut and a well aimed body blow. He does block but not very often.

MIK HAIL A well rounded training has made this man pretty efficient in all areas. He is similar to ROLAND but moves as well. He also jabs occassionally.

RONALD Again an efficient all-rounder. His punches pack quite a blow and he makes use of an extemely powerful hook.

JEF The best of the bunch - a real champ. He rarely moves but with fists as powerful as his, why should he? The hook is his speciality and if it connects, you basically don't stand an earthly. Don't mess with this guy!

Fifteen rounds with each of these men will certainly test your all round capabilities both in boxing theory and computer dexterity.

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The decision to have the action take place from a side-on perspective resulted in better than average ratings for 3D Boxing at the time.

Amstrad Action commented that "the detail on the animation is good although it's sometimes difficult to make out what's going on in the close quarter fighting and whose punches are actually landing. The advantage this has over previous boxing gmaes is the fact that you can have a two player game"

Amtix also praised the psuedo-3D graphics and animation but were more critical of the gameplay feeling that "Things begin to fall down once you start playing the game seriously. When up against a really good opponent, you can end up playing for up to fifteen rounds which can get a bit dull"

ACU never got around to reviewing the game when it came out at first but they did pick it up as part of an overview of fighting games on the machine a year later - they weren't very complimentary: "You never seem to have any close control over what the fighter is doing and pretty quickly you don't really care."

AA: Issue 03 (Dec '85) Page 47 66%
Amtix: Issue 02 (Dec '85) Page 26 69%
ACU: Issue 24 (Nov '86) Page 63 No Rating

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