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AST the professor tamed the Crocodiles at Alchimie, circa 2017.

AST is still coding on a Mario-Bros clone for the PC :-) Since 2001 as i think :-D

Actually works on Amstrad Applications, maintains a Forum and helps new coders at Parties.

Often seen at Alchimie squatting other's monitors.


  • AST System
  • AST Impact
  • The Alchimie Ass DestroyerScrew feat. MacDeath the gras-fist from Gogolon System.
  • Impact



  • iMPdraw v1.132 (2015)
  • iMPdraw v1.2 (2016)
  • iMPdos (WIP) : ROM to manage the Xmass and its FAT stockage