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Airwolf is a game from Amsoft / Elite Systems.


Title: Airwolf
Company: Amsoft / Elite Systems
Type: Arcade
Year: 1985
Soft Num. UK: 06011 / 07011
Soft Num. FR: - / 47011


As Stringfellow Hawke, a former Vietnam chopper pilot, and the only man in the free world trained to fly the billion dollar helicopter AIRWOLF you have been assigned a dangerous rescue mission by the FIRM.

Five important U.S. scientists are being held hostage deep in the subterranean base beneath the scorching Arizona desert.

As Hawke you must guide AIRWOLF using full stealth capabilities, on a series of perilous night-time missions and bring about the release of each scientist in turn.

Only the destruction of the defense control boxes strategically positioned within the cavern will allow AIRWOLF to descend to the heart of the base where the scientists are held.


Airwolf CPCGR.png You've got to rescue five hostages held in an underground base somewhere in the Arizona desert, and you have to destroy some defence boxes as well. However, you have to do all of this in a very expensive helicopter - no, I can't work that one out either.

The graphics are nothing special and the only sound effects are the constant drone of your helicopter blades, although a good tune plays throughout. The game is far too difficult, though; I mean, how on Earth do you fly a helicopter through such tight confines?

Rating 2
From CPCGameReviews

The Shame

Airwolf is a well done games, technically... but remains completely unplayable.

Difficulty is perhaps the Higher level for an Amstrad CPC games.

As a result, few fellow Amstradists liked this one.



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