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Amstrad PLC was founded by Sir Alan M. Sugar in 1968.

After meeting with quite some success in selling cheap audio equipment (namely, the first all-in-one stereo systems we all use today), Amstrad (which stands for Alan M Sugar TRADing) skyrocketed to the top of British computer manufacturers when it launched the CPC 464 in 1985. Further releases in the CPC series, as well as the PCW series brough in tremendous amounts of cash and lots of fame for its founder and CEO. The PC series, although initially another big success, were to be its ultimate demise since Amstrad did not have the strong selling points needed in a clone-infested market.

Nowadays Amstrad is selling, with very modest success, the Em@iler telephones, satelite equipment and various other things - some of which are just own-branded OEM electronics.