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Amstrad Action was the longest-running news-stand UK Amstrad magazine, published monthly between October 1985 and June 1995.

It was the first title published by Future Publishing, which has subsequently grown to become the UK's fifth largest magazine publishing company. Broad-based coverage of all things CPC, together with an irreverent writing style, made 'AA' a perennial favourite and at its peak it recorded ABC circulation figures in excess of 38,000.

AA was the first magazine ever to have a software cassette mounted to the front cover. Such covermounts (of tapes or discs) latterly became almost obligatory for computer magazines. Though AA's covertapes were initially for special issues only, typically two a year, the magazine eventually began to issue one every month - containing user listings, utilities, and demos or full versions of commercial games.

AA staff and contributors


  • Pete Connor
  • Bob Wade
  • Jim Nagel
  • Steve Carey
  • Rod Lawton
  • Dave Golder
  • Tim Norris
  • Karen Levell
  • probably some more

Other full-time editorial staff

  • Richard Monteiro (technical editor)
  • Pat McDonald (technical editor)
  • Adam Waring (technical editor)
  • Adam Peters (staff writer)
  • Simon Forrester (staff writer)
  • Rebecca Lack (production editor)
  • lots and lots more

Freelance writers