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The following listings were published in the March 1994 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • Mini-Cars (R. Hotchkiss and S. Wheeldon) - requires BASIC 1.1
  • Parrot (Ray Collins)
  • TypeChecker (Simon Forrester)
  • Grab Converter (author unknown)

Basically Basic

  • Unnamed listing - draws a rocket and a star on the screen - requires BASIC 1.1

Another unnamed listing was also published in a special feature entitled "Sonic Boom". It plays a short piece of music.

Amstrad Action neglected to mention that the Basically Basic listing and Mini-Cars do not work on CPC464 machines, due to their use of commands that are only available in BASIC 1.1.

Parrot is a modified version of a listing that was published in the book Sensational Games for the Amstrad CPC464. This was confirmed by a reader who wrote a letter to Amstrad Action, which was published in the May 1994 issue (#104).

Grab Converter was originally intended to feature on the covertape included with the December 1993 issue (#99); however, for unknown reasons, it did not appear on that covertape.