Amstrad Action May 1987 Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the May 1987 issue of Amstrad Action:

  • Psychedelic Strobe (Stephen Stokes)
  • Curve (Jamie Wynn)
  • Disk Inlay (Mark Gannon)
  • Shapemaker (A. Hilton)
  • Multi-coloured Modes and Border (T. A. Shah) - an improved version of Multi-coloured Modes, which was published in the February 1987 issue
  • Spirograph (Andrew Smith) - requires BASIC 1.1
  • 3D Picture Designer (M. J. Williams) - requires BASIC 1.1
  • Scrolling Message (Mark Bonsher)

No listings were published in the Problem Attic and Hot Tips sections. However, a listing was published in The Pilgrim's adventure column, entitled "Program for pilgrims to puzzle out". The listing was included as part of a series of articles about programming an adventure game.

Although Amstrad Action pointed out that 3D Picture Designer only works on CPC664 and CPC6128 machines, they neglected to mention that this is also the case for Spirograph.


Multi-coloured Modes and Border contains a minor bug. When entering the first listing, if a DATA statement is not typed in correctly, an error is displayed, but the number of the line containing the error is incorrect. However, the program still works if it is typed in without any mistakes (which is quite difficult!).

3D Picture Designer contains a bug; when the user is told to press a key to save the picture on the screen, nothing happens.