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=== Introduction ===
=== Introduction ===

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After seeing the success of this kind of competitions in other platforms, now it's time to bring them our machine. We are proud to announce the first Amstrad CPC 16KBs ROM Game Development Competition.

The reasons for the size limit are mainly for opening the compo to more participants. Small games are more probable to get finished than big games. We feel that the focus will be in the playability, originality and making fun games. And a nice feature of the size is that we can fill a gap in the CPC catalog, the lack of "rom games"; there is a lot of romboards these days (Megaflash, Symbiface, ...), but no games. We want to change this and hope, it will help to bring new CPC+ cartridges to the public soon.

The Rules

  • The competition deadline is 00:00 GMT on the 1st July of 2013.
  • All submitted games must be in working in all CPC models in a 16 KBs ROM format. Compression is allowed (and encouraged) but the final file size must not exceed 16 KBs (16.384 bytes).
  • You are free to choose your favourite language or game developing tool.
  • The games submitted do not necessarily need to be new, but must be your own work and not released previously. Games hacks will obviously not be accepted.
  • There is not a maximum number of single entries from a person or group.
  • The compo is open to all the CPC community.
  • You must add to your entry a text manual.
  • The applicant owns their work, so therefore submitted games will *ONLY* be released for sale at an agreed price if the coder expresses a desire to do so.
  • The games would be rated by public votes during the next two weeks after the deadline and the results will appear at 00:00 GMT on the 16th July of 2013.

These are the rules, we'll make a minor adjustments with your feedback to clarify them.


In this moment, the only prize is the honor for being the winner, but we hope to announce a big surprise during the competition.

We are open to donations or sponsorship, if somebody want to use donations to encourage to the participants, feel free to make them. And not only for the winners, you can choose your own categories, for example, the best shooter or the best puzzle game; the game with the best graphics or music; the game using more ponies, ...

Registering Your Project

If you are interested in entering the competition, send us a message via email confirming that you'd like to take part and we will be in touch with more details.

Submitting A Game

You can send in your game via email and it *MUST* be received by us prior to the deadline.

Technical Resources

You can find all the necessary information for making a rom in the Section 10 of the firmware guide.

For technical discussion we have this thread in the forum, where you can ask for help and find nice tips (how to code your rom in c by Octoate).

Contact Info

You can reach me the organizer in real.mml [AT] gmail [DOT] com (SyX)

Good Luck and we hope it will be a big success!!!

Game Entries

The Dungeons Of Count Roland

Author: Briggsy / Sykobee

Game Genre: RPG / Roguelike

Find Your Way

Author: Cpcitor

Game Genre: Immersive