Amstrad Expo 1990

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Logon & Krad'os team at Amstrad Expo 90

Amstrad Expo was a big show organised by Amstrad to present all new products

All the Amstrad staff was present and a mediatic conference was given by the boss Mr Sugar himself. (and of course, the Amstrad France staff)

Many other companies, revolving around the amstrad universe, were represented and especially all the french mags, like Amstrad Cent pour Cent and games editors.

In 1990, A place was accorded too for the Fanzine phenomenon and it was the beginning of the AFC (Association Fanzines Cpc), which presents themselve as instigator promoters of all fanzines.

It was a show that no cpc addict can miss. And it was of course, the place where it was possible to meet lot of demomakers. In 1990, Logon System presented his new demo The Demo

The show was organised in "Exposition Park" near "Porte de Versaille" in Paris in october.