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Image:SSA1 FullBox.jpg|
Image:SSA1 FullBox.jpg|
== Reviews ==
image:Amstrad Computer User8507 014.jpg|The SSA1 compared to the dk'Tronics synth
image:Amstrad Computer User8507 015.jpg
image:Amstrad Computer User8507 016.jpg
== Examples of the Amstrad synth in use ==
== Examples of the Amstrad synth in use ==

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Amstrad SSA1 box cover
The bundle

A Speech Synthesizer from Amstrad based on the SPO256-AL2 Speech Synthesizer


  • |SAY,@<string> - Converts a string af ASCII text to speech
  • |ECHO,<mode> - Activates text to speech conversion on text printed to the screen.
  • |APHONE,<allophone>[,<allophone>] - Send allophones directly to the interrupt driven allophone buffer.
  • |ROOM,@<value> - Find out how many free locations in the allophones buffer.
  • |QUIET - Clears the allophone buffer.
  • |SPON - Activates the speech interrrupt event.
  • |SPOFF - To prevent output of data from the allophone buffer.
  • |SPSTATUS,@<value> - Read the status of the speech processor.
  • |SPOUT,<allophone>[,<allophone>] - Sends allophones directly to the soundprocessor.

Technical Specs.

The clock frequency (passed to the speech chip) is fixed, the exact frequency is unknown (?)

Uses I/O port: #FBEE, of which (according to the manual) only A10,A4,A0 are decoded.


 bit7   Status 1 (0=Speech Busy, 1=Ready/Halted)   (SBY Pin, Speech Busy)
 bit6   Status 2 (0=Ready to Receive Data, 1=Busy) (/LRQ Pin, Load Request)
 bit5-0 Not used (garbage, probably usually highz)


 bit7-6 Reserved (must be zero)
 bit5-0 Allophone number               ;data can be send when Status.Bit6=0

Supported Games

  • 3D Boxing
  • 3D Stunt Rider
  • Alex Higgin's World Snooker / World Pool
  • Darkwurlde
  • Glen Hoddle Soccer
  • Roland In Space
  • Tubaruba



Examples of the Amstrad synth in use

{{#ev:youtube|fesVxipNaw8|300}} {{#ev:youtube|v8WKbKK3Apg|300}}

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