An Introduction to CP/M Plus on Amstrad Computers

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Title: An Introduction to CP/M Plus on Amstrad Computers
Authors: P.K. McBride
Publisher: Glentop
Year: 1986
Pages: 174
ISBN: ISBN 1-85181-054-4




1. Using CP/M.
2. File management.
3. CP/M.
4. Text editors and word processors.
5. Programming in CP/M.
6. High-level language programming.
7. Graphics and CP/M.
8. Graphics programming.
9. CP/M software.

Appendix A: Converting assembler mnemonics.
Appendix B: ASCII number effects.
Appendix C: ASCII and hexadecimal conversions.
Appendix D: The BDOS functions.
Appendix E: BDOS functions: quick reference guide.
Appendix F: System control block.