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Android 2

Android 2
Titlescreen of the game
Developer Unknown
Company Vortex Software
Publisher Vortex Software
Musician Unknown
Release 1985
Platform(s) CPC
Genre Arcade
Game Modes Unknown
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Media disk Cassette
Language Language:english
Information Unknown





Android 2 by by Costa Panayi

Stop the advance of the Millitoids. Survive the maze of death, rationalise the paradox zone and overcome the dangers encountered in the flatlands.

Achieve this and return to the transporter capsule before the departure dead line. But beware. There are lethal Hoverdroid, Bouncers and land mines everywhere.

3D full colour graphic effects, fast action machine code and multi-screen wrap around zones make Android Two a mindblowing action game.


The follow-up to pretty average shoot-em-up Android One, Android 2 presents a tougher challenge than first perception seems to indicate.

Navigating your way around the maze can be both confusing and difficult to get to grips with and the sheer panic when you get cornered by a millitioid and a robot drone can be overwhelming at first.

Practice, however, makes perfect and while a challenge, the game should not be too difficult for the more dedicated player. Has stood the test of time well and there's a retro charm and feel to proceedings.


Android 2 was certainly viewed as being a superior product to the original game. Amstrad Action praised the "Excellent 3D Graphics" and "Disgusting Opponents" and reckons that while "Android 2 has only three zones of action there's more than enough going on to satisfy hardened gamers."

AA: Issue 02 (Nov '85) Page 48-49 75%


Compilations & Re-Releases


  • Android 2 was also released on the ZX Spectrum & C64 (where it was published under licence by Ocean)
  • The CPC Version was coded by Chris Wood

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