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Australian Personal Computer is an Australian magazine first published in 1980 for the home computing market. The magazine covered every platform available at the time. As it progressed through time, models were dropped and new ones added. This magazine was modelled on the British Personal Computer World - as can be seen by the similar logo and magazine covers.

It was Australia's best selling computer magazine! The magazine was published by the Bauer Media Group (based in Sydney) until 2013 when it was purchased by the British company Future plc. (Formerly known as Future Publishing which produced Amstrad Action). This was quite a large magazine - around 200 pages and was $2.95 per issue.

Platforms covered during the 80's: - Amstrad, Apple, Atari, Commodore (and Amiga), Sinclair (Spectrum), IBM, Microbee, NEC etc


  • The general scene - local news and abroad
  • Game reviews
  • Software / utility reviews
  • Type-ins (readers who sent in type-ins were paid $20 if they were published)
  • Tips and tricks
  • Hardware reviews (new models etc)

Amstrad CPC content was first meant to appear in May 1985 but due to some mix up the maiden type-in didn't appear until June 1985 and content continued until January 1988. Most of the below scans are CPC content only.

The magazine still exists today and caters for the modern computing scene. It is known as APC magazine.

Magazine scans