Batman Forever

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Often simplified as "the batman Demo".

This award winning demo basically redefined Demo on Amstrad CPC. Since its release in 2011, the AmstradCPC Demoscene is still waiting for a "batman killer". Many tried, few were close... Yet Batman remains undefeated.

Some Demoscene afficionados would even comment that this is the best Atari ST demo ever... oh wait?!

It needs disk and 128ko RAM configuration.

It was released at Forever 2011 demoparty and somewhat helped the Amstrad CPC to (re-)gain some publicity in the global old-school demoscene since.

Awards and Nominations

Forever 2011 :

  • CPC demo : 1st Place Awards 2011 :

  • best graphics : 3rd place
  • breakthrough performance : 3rd place
  • public choice : winner
  • best demo on an oldschool platform : Winner
  • best technical achievement : Winner




Mode R

This is the name given to the mode designed by Rhino.

Mode R


Batman Forever on