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* [[Media:BDOS_SystemDisks.zip|BonnyDOS System Disks]]
* [[Media:BDOS_SystemDisks.zip|BonnyDOS System Disks]]
[[Category:Abandonware]] [[Category:Disc Operating_System]] [[Category:Manual]]
[[Category:Disc Operating_System]] [[Category:Manual]]

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BonnyDOS after boot

BonnyDOS is a system extension to AMSDOS by Brueggi of Noob Inc. (Timo Brueggmann). This extension allows the use of a harddisc which is connected with the SYMBiFACE II. BonnyDOS uses its own filesystem called BFS16.


  • Up to 20 Partitions
  • Partition-Size up to 2 GB
  • A kind of "ENV-Variables"
  • COMMAND-Directory (comparable with C:\DOS)
  • PATH-Variable
  • optional Autoboot (Basic+BINary files)
  • optional Functionkey-Definition
  • Protected Files and Directories

With an additional Tool, it is possible to read/write BFS16-Drives on PC. More Tools are available on the BonnyDOS System-Disk.


BonnyDOS has approximatly 45 RSX commands, which can be used in AMSDOS.



BDOS and BDOS/286