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This article is about the German fanzine. For details of the 1990s Irish fanzine of the same name, see CPC Forever (Ireland).

CPC forever is a german paper magazine which is published by Villain. The magazine is mainly focused on the CPC, but if there are intersting articles about other systems / topics, they will be added, too. Everybody, who wants to contribute, can send articles to Villain.

Currently two issues were released.

CPC forever #1 (May 2005)

Cover of CPC forever #1


CPC forever #2 (December 2005)

Cover of CPC forever #2


  • CP/M: Using Yaze-AG Z80 emulator with Z3Plus
  • Game review: Justin
  • Game review: MegaPhoenix
  • Game review: Power Drift
  • Game review: Reisende im Wind
  • Game review: Shaolins Road
  • Game review: Super Cycle
  • Hardware: Building an RGB cable
  • Hardware: connection of a 3.5" discdrive with a side switch
  • Hardware: Review of the CPC T-Rex
  • Interview with Odiesoft
  • Programming: Cross-compiling with Z88dk
  • SymbOS