CPC Schneider Magazin

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CPC Magazin, issue 03/1986
CPC Schneider Magazin, issue 04/1986
The first issue containing Schneider in its name.
Schneider Magazin, issue 01/1988
First issue after redesign.
Schneider Computerpartner, issue 09-10/1989
The last issue.

Magazine name: CPC Schneider Magazin
Publisher: Verlag Rätz-Eberle, Bretten / Verlag Werner Rätz, Bretten
Language: German
Schedule: Monthly
Price: 5,50 DM (2.81 €) / 6 DM (3.07 €)
First issue: 1985
Last issue: 09-10/1989

Editorial staff

  • Editorial staff
    • Carsten Borgmeier (Games; 06/1988 - 9-10/1989)
    • Thomas Eberle (Chief editor; - 12/1987)
    • Helmut Fischer (02/1987 - 9-10/1989)
    • Thomas Frietsch (Layout; 04/1989 - 09-10/1989)
    • Robert Kaltenbrunn (02/1987 - 03/1989)
    • Frederique Melchers (Layout; 06/1986 - 08/1987)
    • Bernhard Müller (Layout; 01/1988 - 07/1989)
    • Werner Rätz (Chief editor, Technical editor)
    • Hartmut Schmidt (Layout; 09/1987 - 12/1987)
    • Jürgen Seefeld (Layout; - 04/1986)
  • Free-lances
    • Berthold Freier
    • Erika Hölscher (05 & 07/1986)
    • Hans Joachim Janek
    • Gerhard Knapienski (- 08/1987)
    • Rolf Knorre
    • Friedrich Lorenz
    • Markus Pisters
    • Christoph Schillo
    • H.P. Schwaneck
    • Thomas Tai (05/1986 - 06/1987)
    • Manfred W. Thoma
    • Walter Tosberg
    • Andreas Zallmann

Target market

The CPC Schneider Magazin originally aimed at the semi-professional CPC user. It contained game and software tests, market news, hardware modification tips (eg. an Atari-ST mouse adapter), software listing and much more. It supported peripherals by the German company Vortex Computersysteme with a regular heading featuring listings and tips for their products.

Its names

Its first name CPC Magazin was expanded to CPC Schneider Magazin with issue 04/1986 because many traders didn't know it was a magazine for the Schneider CPC and put it amongst some other computer magazines but not amongst the CPC magazines.

Because of being a magazine for all Schneider computers (Das Magazin für alle Schneider-Computer) it also features articles for the Joyce and other Amstrad PCs distributed in Germany by Schneider. So the name of the magazine was reduced to Schneider Magazin with issue 01/1988 along with a complete redesign.

In issue 01/1989 the phrase under the title was changed to Das Magazin für Amstrad-Computer (The magazine for Amstrad computers) because Schneider dropped distribution of Amstrad computers and started to make their own PCs in late 1987, while Amstrad was allowed to distribute their computers in Germany from May 1988 on.

This is also the cause for the last name change to Schneider Computerpartner with issue 02/1989. The editorial staff wanted to accent to be a reliable partner for the readers with this. While in issue 01/1989 the presented new name for the next issue was just Computerpartner, the addition Schneider finally was left in the name for recognition.