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{{DEFAULTSORT:Computing With The Amstrad 1985-02 Type-Ins}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Computing With The Amstrad 1985-02 Type-Ins}}
[[Category:CWTA Type Ins]][[Category:Type Ins]][[Category:Computing With The Amstrad Type-Ins]]
[[Category:CWTA Type Ins]]
[[Category:Computing With The Amstrad Type-Ins]]
[[Category:Type Ins]]
[[Category:Type Ins]]

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The following listings were published in the February 1985 issue of Computing_with_the_Amstrad:


  • Origins (Trevor Roberts)
  • Digger (Paul Benedict)
  • Reaction Timer (Alan McLachlan)
  • Simon Says (Pete Bibby)
  • Text Editor (Roland A Waddilove)
  • The Kingdom of Craal (Mike Bibby)