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* [[MicroDesign Plus]]
* [[MicroDesign Plus]]
* [[ProPrint]] (Protext Print Enhancer)
* [[ProPrint]] (Protext Print Enhancer)
* Videomaster
* Videomaster (hardware expansion, connect CPC to Video... according to [[Hwlist from retroisle]])
[[Category:CPC related companies]]
[[Category:CPC related companies]]

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Campursoft was an independent 'serious' software house in the latter years of the CPC.

its best known product was MicroDesign Plus, an upgraded version of the original MicroDesign. It also acquired distribution rights to some programs whose original distributors had ceased trading, notably ParaDOS.

Campursoft's proprietors were the Kent-based programmer Jess Harpur and business manager Peter Campbell, who later went on to found WACCO with Brian Watson. Campursoft had particular success selling software to WACCI members.

Campursoft was later renamed ComSoft.

Releases for CPC