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== Demos ==
== Demos ==
* CRTC demos 1-6 (juvenilia ;) )
* CRTC demos 1-6.5 (juvenilia: see [[CRTC Robot PD Demo]], [[CRTC Demo 5]], [[CRTC Music Demo 1]])
* [[CRTC demo 7]]
* [[CRTC demo 7]]
* [[CRTC demo 8]]
* [[CRTC demo 8]]

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ChaRleyTroniC or CRTC (Richard Fairhurst) is a British CPC programmer and writer. He is a member of STS and Systeme D, and was previously a member of Conspiracy and Discovery. Born in September 1974, he is still working as a magazine journalist.

He appeared in the BTL 4 Reservoir Dogs intro as "Mr Blue".


Software (commercial)

Software (public domain)