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There was one clone of CPC maden in Russia at 1994. Its name was Aleste 520EX.

Technical specs: Z80, 8MHz, 512KB, RTC, 320x200x16 and 640x200x4 colors with 512 palette, mouse, expansion slot, DMA. It was an all-in-one-box machine with an external 3.5" disk drive. It also sported an external 4-channel, 8-bits per channel sound card which plays s3m and stm files.

This two-faced machine runs all original CPC software (CPC+ too?) and also MSXDOS whith command line tools, C compiller and several windowed tools: text-editor, debugger, disk-editor. The computer has software emulator of MSX2 video controller and runs several MSX2 games. The clone used by MSX users and homebrewers.