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Image:Codename Mat (Amsoft FR) Tape - Side B.jpg|side B
Image:Codename Mat (Amsoft FR) Tape - Side B.jpg|side B
Image:Codename Mat (Amsoft FR) Tape - Side A.jpg|side A
Image:Codename Mat (Amsoft FR) Tape - Side A.jpg|side A
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Image:Codename Mat (ACU 1).JPG|ACU Review (1st)
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Codename MAT
Loading Screen
Release 1984
Publisher Amsoft
Developer Micromega
Programmer Derek Brewster
Musician None
Artist Derek Brewster
Genre Shoot-em-up (3D)
Players 1P Only
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Language Language:english
Media disk Cassette
Compatability 464, 664, 6128 & Plus
Magazine Reviews No Mark - ACU 01 (Aug/Sep 84)
4 stars - ACU 05 (Apr 85)
71% - AA 001 (Oct 85)
74% - Amtix 01 (Nov 85)
Information a.k.a. Nom de Code: MAT


One of the first 'almost' 3D space games: Easily playable, with a dozen or so controls for flying a ship (the Centurian) against a fleet of Myon vessels which are invading the solar system.

Although not on a par with the likes of Elite, it was playable (and had an ending).

There were a few very minor bugs in the programming but these had no effect on the playability.

The game was very tricky to get to grips with thanks to the vast array of keyboard controls to compliment the joystick/cursor control of the ship.

Perseverence was key, however, and a complex but fun game was to be found inside.


Codename MAT - MISSION: ALIEN TERMINATION - the desperate plan to place in the mind of a teenager the combined tactical skills of all the planetary leaders in the solar system. MAT is mankind's last hope.

For decades the Myons have sought to dominate the Solar System, whose fleets are now ragged and depleted.

They have launched an all-or-nothing attack, knowing that Earth is developing revolutionary space-craft.

Only the prototype - USS Centurion - has been built, and it must be pressed into immediate service as both battle-cruiser and tactical command centre.

Piloting the craft in battle and controlling the Planetary Defence Fleets is beyond any normal human... MAT is created.

Now your mind is MAT's mind.

Take control of the Centurion and blast off on the greatest adventure of all...

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  • Originally released for the ZX Spectrum, author Derek Brewster had decided to name his game Invasion 2000, however, publishers Micromega were unhappy with the name as it didn't reflect the content and made it sound like another space invaders knock-off, which the market was being flooded with at that time. Prior to settling on Codename MAT, the game was also known as Hank during the development stage.
  • The game was the first release for Brewster's own company Zeppelin Games when the title was re-released at the beginning of 1988.
  • The game spawned a sequel in the form of Codename MAT II published by Domark