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Computing with the Amstrad (CWTA) was published in Australia by Strategy Software in Glen Waverley, Victoria in mid-1986 (this had nothing to do with Strategy Publications next door in Mount Waverly, Victoria that produced The Amstrad User) who then later in early 1987 moved to Blackmans Bay, Tasmania. The magazine was later published (from June '87) by Planet Publications Pty Ltd (still in Blackmans Bay, TAS). The first issue premiered in August 1986 at $3.60 per issue. Due to the change in publishers in June '87 there was no June issue due to various takeover delays. This magazine was available in Australia, New Zealand, across the South Pacific and even South Africa. Strategy Software didn't disappear - they still provided hardware and software products for the rest of the magazines life (and beyond perhaps?).

The magazines format was essentially a clone of the British version of Computing with the Amstrad, except for some program listings, advertisements, suppliers and pricing - this was all local. The magazine covered all the Amstrad machines that were available at the time - with a stronger focus on the CPC Range. Agreements were setup with Database Publications in the UK in order to reproduce content. Even some of the British covers were used - although usually a few months later. Some have said that the paper quality, colours and font were of a lesser quality compared to the British counterpart.

What was interesting is they reprinted "blindly" all program listing and 10 liner errors - which should have been completely avoidable because they were reproducing content from the British version 2-3 months later (and would have known about the later corrections). So you would see the corrections and apologies in the next issues - a situation that actually was entirely preventable.

In June 1987 the British version became known as Computing with the Amstrad CPC (as the PCW content was spun off into a separate magazine called Computing with the Amstrad PCW - also by Database Publications). The Australian version didn't follow suit and remained as CWTA.

What was interesting is that you could actually still get the British version of CWTA across Australia and New Zealand (Alongside The Amstrad User, Amstrad Action & Amstrad Computer User etc)

Like the British version, later issues incorporated Amtix (from July '87 Amtix and Amtips were featured). December 1987 was the last issue produced (even though the original British one continued until it became CPC Computing in September 1988 and was eventually rolled into Amstrad Computer User in January 1989). Throughout production, the Australian version used the older style British CWTA logo (pre-Oct 1986). It is unknown why the magazine ceased or what happened to Planet Publications Pty Ltd (dissolved April '88) - as subscriptions rates were growing by 20% a month it was claimed in July '87.

There is a news article from The Amstrad User that reports the ending of this magazine Here.

Magazine Scans


In addition to the above online scans, entire PDF's can be downloaded from the forum here

Note: Due to a couple of mistakes, The following scanned PDF's are missing page 59 (Oct 86, Nov 86, Mar 87, July 87 & Nov 87). See each individual download for details.