Daley Thompson's Decathlon

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Daley Thompson's Decathlon
Developer Choice Software
Publisher Ocean
Musician Unknown
Release 1985
Platform(s) CPC, C64, ZX Spectrum
Genre Sports (Athletics)
Game Modes 1 Player
Controls Joystick
Media disk Cassette
Language Language:english

Responsible for more broken joysticks than any other game in the history of the CPC, Daley Thompson's Decathlon was the original athletics game on the CPC.

Inlay Text

Simulating all ten events in the most gruelling event in the history of the Olympiad you will find the superb full-colour graphics and animation breathtaking enertainment. Ten staggering events for the price of one and great fun for all the family.

Daley Thompson's Decathlon simulates all 10 events in this gruelling test of skill and stamina.


The most gruelling even in the history of Olympiad - all ten events are reproduced and each builds up the points necessary to gain the winners medal.

  • 1st Day
    • 100 meters
    • Long jump
    • Shot-put
    • High jump
    • 400 meters
  • 2nd Day
    • 100 meters Hurdles
    • Discus
    • Pole-vault
    • Javelin
    • and finally the energy sapping 1500 meters.

Controls/Strategy Tips

  • Most running events and the Javelin require continuous left to right joystick movement to increase speed. For Hurdles press fire button to jump.
  • The Long jump and the three thowing events:- Try to achieve a launch of as near to 45 degrees and as close to the take-off line as possible.
  • The High jump:- On take-off get as close to 90 degrees as you can and then press the fire button to manoeuvre over the bar.
  • The Pole vault:- Press the fire button to position the pole and release button to let go.
  • 1500 meters:- Operate the running controls to accelerate and the fire button to decelerate - remember to conserve energy for the end of the race.
  • Discus:- Press the button to start man running. Press fire button to release the discus.


Status and Scoring

On-screen scoring shows the number of attempts, points scored, world records, qualifying times and distances. (You begin with three lives which are lost through failing to qualify). A table showing the day, type of event and remaining lives is displayed between each disipline.

Daley Thompson's Decathlon written by Ocean Software's in-house team is only one of many superb games from Ocean Software.

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Amstrad Action weren't slow to point out what was obvious to even the most untrained eye - the game looked much better than the ZX Spectrum and C64 versions!

Amtix agreed stating that it was a very good conversion of the arcade hit Track and Field, the only drawback of which they could find is that it would wreck your joystick... how right they were...

AA: Issue 01 (Oct '85) Page 68-69 81%
Amtix: Issue 01 (Nov '85) Page 100 79%

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  • Endorsed by former Olympic gold medalist Daley Thompson.

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