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'''Demoniak''' (Ludovic Deplanque)
'''Demoniak''' (Ludovic Deplanque)
[[Image:Demoniak2007.jpg|thumb|Demoniak in 2007]]
[[Image:03280004.jpg|thumb|Demoniak in 2010]]
== Membership ==
== Membership ==
* [[Paradox]] in 1991
* [[Paradox]] in 1991

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Demoniak (Ludovic Deplanque)

Demoniak in 2010




  • Ultra Son (Commercial digitized sound utility)
  • PC-CPC (CPC emulator for Win32 OS)
  • ConvImgCPC (Convert JPEG, GIF, BMP pictures in CPC Format, utility for Win32 OS)
  • PJA (Adventure game creator utility for CPC, run under Win32 OS)
  • Make3DFrame (Wonderfull Precalculated & Crunched 3D-objects-animation creator/editor tool for CPC, run under Win32 OS)