Digivox sampler

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A sound sampler.

Aside from sampling, it does maybe also support playback...?

Not much is know about this device please add info..

French to English translation (from cpcrulez.fr)


Submitted by society EMM, the DIGIVOX is a digitized voice for Amstrad CPC. Based on the principle of sampling delta (quantification follows the evolution of the signal), this device has a bandwidth of the order of 3 000 Hz and can store up to fifteen seconds of words.

Thanks to the presence in the box 32K of RAM. The DIGIVOX thus has interesting technical characteristics but they can not hide its flaws. The return of items digitized in effect requires the presence of the box to the other, the digitization of music reached a level of questionable quality and reproduction strikingly similar to the reception of an AM radio station using any a position of low quality ...

Despite all his technical qualities, it would be surprising to see DIGIVOX win. Especially since its been (over 1000 F) is a deterrent for the individual and the market potential is anyway too small for developers interested in this product.

Technical specs.



More info can be found here (French)