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Hello! Thus is the discussion page. Thought it'd be useful to have something of the sort. Just enter your comments or suggestions, but it'd be good to insert a horizontal line (see the edit buttons) before starting a new comment. And you can reply to comments by using a ':' or '::' or ':::' the deeper you go...

There is a little problem with the pages linked only in the sidebar: they only appear on the default mediawiki theme... There is a list here: special:lonelypages Link them from somewhere else :)

Ah yes, you're right and I have noticed it myself - though I don't know why anyone would use some other theme, I think this is the best by far :D Anyhow, I'm just waiting to move servers, when this is done I'll look after such details... thanks for pointing out!!! Gryzor 10:03, 28 July 2006 (CDT)