Dk'tronics Mouse Interface

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A mouse interface for the CPC. Manufactured by the British company called Dk'tronics



The interface can be used with a Genius bus mouse.

The following information relates to the smaller Dk'tronics Mouse interface which is designed for the CPC464. The interface casing is designed to fit the case of the cpc464.

Looking at the pictures, the larger mouse interface pcb has "Amstard CPC6128 Mouse" written on it, while the smaller one appears to read "CPC464 Mouse".

Holding the PCB so that the mouse port is to the top-right, the following, which is not easy to see from the photos, is written on the PCB:

1. Upper left says "DATEL"
2. Lower middle says "CPC464 MOUSE 5/89" (The 5 is not legible, could be a 6)
3. To the right side are 6 connection points. From to bottom these are labelled 0 (or 8 not easy to see), 4, 3, 2, 1, 6.

The following components are inside interface:

1 ST T74LS367AB - 6bit (2bit+4bit) 3-state noninverting buffer/line driver
2 TOSHIBA TC4013BP - Dual D flip-flop with set and reset
1 TOSHIBA TC4047BP - Low-power astable/monostable multivibrator with oscillator output
3 resistors (two on component side, one on solder side)
1 capacitor (22 uF)

The PCB has one 9-pin joystick connector for mouse, and a lead with another 9-pin connector for CPC's joystick port. The interface connects to the back of the CPC. It is claimed this is only necessary for 5V power but this is not confirmed.

This interface is compatible with the AMX Mouse. It reports mouse movements through joystick directions in the same way and uses the same method to read the mouse. The interface, however, only supports a single fire/mouse button.

Like the AMX Mouse it doesn't appear to suffer from keyboard clash and reports nothing for joystick 2. Pressing the right button on my Genius mouse does nothing, pressing the left button is the same as fire 1.


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