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Donut System was a group created by Slice. Although he'd just been accepted into The Firm, he decided to create his own group.

Member list

  • BoGGer! (Justin Williams) (graphist, swapper)
  • Maniac (Jon Woodley) (coder, graphist, swapper)
  • Shades (Robert Sparrow) (musician, swapper, PD librarian (RSPD))
  • Slice (Tom Dean) (disczine editor, swapper, coder)
  • Three (Andrew Thelwell) (Amiga - graphist and editor of the unreleased discmag DMA (Donut Mag Amiga))

Disc and Tom-Pouce (editor of Eurostrad) agreed to join, but they didn't really want affiliation with a group.

Incomplete list of released Donut System productions

List of Donut System meetings

  • Sewerside Meeting (Summer 1995 - Shades, BoGGer!, Slice)
  • BePSiL Meeting (Winter 1995-1996 - BoGGer!, Slice, Three)
  • Mini Milk Meeting (Spring 1996 - BoGGer!, Slice, Dynamo)
  • Spoon? Meeting (Summer 1996 - Shades, BoGGer!, Slice, Nich, Dynamo, Three)

Links to current websites by Donut System members

The side on pic of the Memorex skeleton with fairly long hair and glasses in BoGGer!'s site is Slice, way back in 1995.

He has an older web site, I just need to find it.