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Come on! There MUST be a nicer picture of you ... GASH!

Oughhhh.... I thougt, this one is the only one coming to question for the CPCwiki ;) But i'll change it, as soon as there is a better one *g*

If you are interested in we can do a photo session at the XzentriX :-) Muahaha.. *clickclickclick* *yeah.. show me your Face.. and now... SMIIIILE... *clickclickclick* *soo sexxxxy* *clickclickclick* - :-D

ahh... don't know how to write down, the noise i just made, in this funny '*' notation ... so try this: press your lips together... tightly... them begin something like "ummmmmmm" whith high pressure trough your closed lips... maybe direct a litle bit of the compressed air through your nose? *g* Hoooow funny :D But maybe i think about it *g*

trying to learn Digeridoo ?? :-)