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The FilmeMacher (english: MovieMaker) program is used to create movies out of single 17 KB CPC screens. The finished movie can be displayed very fast (up to 50 fps) with the corresponding Projector tool.


FilmeMacher loads one screen after another into the RAM of the CPC. The differences between two screens were calculated and transformed into so called CoData. CoData is a mixture out of Code and Data, specifically developped for FilmeMacher. After loading of all needed pictures, the compiled CoData movie can be saved to disc.

To show the movie, another part of the program can be used. In this case the CoData allows to display the finished movie with up to 50 fps in 16 KB fullscreen.

Filmemacher runs under FutureOS.

Demonstration files

  • Captain Future demo (need 4 MB RAM)
  • Darth Vader demo
  • Fractal demo