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The FuturePlayer is a combination of hardware and software to play MP3 songs with the CPC.

  • The hardware part is a card that is connected to the printer port of the CPC or CPCPlus. It was developped originally by Dr. Zed for a CP/M computer. TFM got in contact with Dr. Zed and so Dr. Zed build the MP3 card also for the CPC.
  • The software itself is an application for FutureOS which plays MP3 songs and WAV files.

For playing .WAV files the CPC Digiblaster is needed. For playing .MP3-Files a special expansion card is needed, that was developped by Dr. Zed (see before).

The FuturePlayer-MP3 expanson card was first shown 2004 at the COM-II meeting in Frankfurt am Main. At the moment it can not be bought from Dr. Zed or in Stores.