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A single-side multi-part demo written by ChaRleyTroniC and released at the Euromeeting 2, Reims, France in 1992. Graphics were mostly by Pixel. Music was by ChaRleyTroniC using Equinoxe, except for the final part which was hacked from a game.

Comparatively simple for the time, it was nonetheless the best demo released in Britain at that time.


  • Loader: The loader asked you for your pseudonym, and kept a running log on the disc of the last five users. If it recognised the pseudonym, it would give you a personalised greeting.
  • Bitscroll: A simple pixel scroll with raster equalisers, and bouncing raster text.
  • Charley: Originally written for the Conspiracy megademo, this part was a simple 16x16 MODE 1 scroll with animation of a little yellow creature (Charley Barley) playing keyboard and drums, plus palette-switching animation and a starfield.
  • Equinoxe: A hardware scroll with message writer, raster equalisers and other effects.
  • Inspired Lunacy: A large message writer, checkerboard effect with rasters, and an unusual MODE 1 8x8 scroll.