Into Oblivion

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Into Oblivion
Into Oblivion front cover
Developer Stephen Curtis
Publisher Mastertronic
Release 1986
Platform(s) CPC
Genre Shoot-'em-up
Game Modes Single player
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Media Cassette
Language Language:english

Into Oblivion is a shoot-'em-up by Mastertronic.


Following the destruction of the evil computer that once ruled this galaxy you must seek the only safe planet to avoid the erratic droids (the evil computers leftover servants) who have been programmed to obliterate you. With 2,500 screens your task is not easy, however, if you do not succeed you will be blown into oblivion by the droids.


You control the 'Seeker MK II' around which allows for exploration of the various screens on each planet. There are various hazardous life forms about (erratic / unpredictable droids and a primitive race of human-like creatures) which you can destroy with your unlimited supply of lasers. Spacecraft exist which can take you to other planets. Be aware of where you have been as it is very easy to get lost. Scattered around are various objects that have a certain purpose. Some allow further game progression, others give you extra lives. You only have 9 lives and you will need them as there are 42 planets and 2500 screens. Make sure you have collected enough 'Psyche' units when you locate the legendary 'Safe Planet'. Joystick or keyboard can be used. Good luck!

Ties with Previous Games

  • According to the "Aim of the Game" text on the reverse side of the inlay, this game follows on from Nonterraqueous 2 (Soul of a Robot) (after the destruction of the evil computer).
  • In this game you must actually collect 'Psyche' - in the previous Nonterraqueous games, you already have 'Psyche'.
  • There are 42 planets to explore, in Nonterraqueous there were 42 levels to explore.
  • You control the 'Seeker MK II' - the original 'Seeker' was in Nonterraqueous
  • One of the planets is named Nonterra.

Critical reception

Amstrad Action gave Into Oblivion an overall rating of 70%, highlighting the large number of screens and the exploration and mapping required to find the safe planet. However, the gameplay was criticized for the lack of excitement from obstacles and enemies.




Cheat Mode

10 MEMORY 4999
20 LOAD"IO",5000
30 POKE &3232,0
40 CALL 5003