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* [http://icerive.free.fr/cpc Ice Rive]
* [http://icerive.free.fr/cpc Ice Rive]
* [http://jemu.emuunlim.com JEMU] (Multi-System Java)
* [http://jemu.emuunlim.com JEMU] (Multi-System Java)
* [[http://amstrad.cpc.free.fr PC-CPC]] by Ludovic Deplanque(Demoniak)
* [http://www.winape.net WinApe]
* [http://www.winape.net WinApe]

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  • Prodatron's page
  • Various Amstrad stuff - Including instructions on how to fit or connect a 3.5" drive, hot to connect your CPC to your PC and how to transfer files, among others.
  • CPC Hardware - (F) Forum, nice downloads, hardware projects; also an online store for hardware stuff like RS232 interfaces etc.

Document resources

FTP sites

Commercial sites

User Groups

  • CSA8
  • CPC Zone Forum
  • WACCI (Worldwide Amstrad Computer Club Incorporated) - WACCI was a UK based user group that supported the Amstrad CPC computer. It was a subscription-only, printed English magazine published bi-monthly and available throughout the world. The current issues of the magazine are now reproduced on this website.



  • Genesis 8 - Genesis 8 is a spartan, but often-updated Amstrad-related news site.
  • CPC Scene - Various stuff. Of much interest: The CPC online radio station!
  • CPC Rules (Alternative Link) (FR) A great french site, updated frequently, with software reviews, utilities, games, demos, hardware info. A treasure and a must-visit if you speak french (though not necessarily so).