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M4FE_main.png|M4FE main screen
M4FE_main_screen_2018-12-27_16-15.jpg|M4FE main screen
M4FE_text.png|M4FE text reader
M4FE_text_viewer_2018-12-27_16-15.jpg|M4FE text reader

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M4FE is an application designed to serve as a front-end for the M4 Board for the Amstrad CPC and Amstrad Plus range of computers. It's available as a ROM.


  • Directory browsing using keyboard and/or joystick with support for up to 64k entries per directory.
  • Application launching with support for CPC BASIC files, Binary files or SNA snapshots.
  • Text file viewing. Automatic for ASCII files or manual for any other type.
  • File searching
  • DSK to Disc transfering


Version Changes File
1.0 Initial Version M4FEv10.zip
1.1 Added support for SNA files M4FEv11.zip
1.2 Added text file viewer M4FEv12.zip
1.3 Fixed compatibility problems M4FEv13.zip
1.4 Fixed bug with file index/count display M4FEv14.zip
1.5 Added support for 16 char directory names and fixed bug with empty directories M4FEv15.zip
1.6 Removed directory cache and RAM footprint lowered to 0 bytes while in background M4FEv16.zip
1.7 Added search M4FEv17.zip
1.7.1 Fixed bug in search M4FEv171.zip
1.8 Added DSK to Disc transfering M4FEv18.zip

How to install and run

First of all, you need an Amstrad CPC or Plus with a M4 board fitted.

This application is distributed as a ROM, which means it needs to be installed in either a software ROM slot in the M4 itself or a ROM Box attached to your system.

To run the application type the following command at the BASIC prompt: