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[http://www.cpcscene.com/index.php?fileid=1167565340c3af0fbf6762651cd0a7d0f2098e639c MC-Paddy I Demo (Download)]
[http://genesis8.free.fr/frontend/demos/mcpadd1.zip MC-Paddy I Demo (Download)]

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MC-Paddy I (1989) was the first of three "only 72 hours"-Demos created by the swiss trio Asterix, TMP and Warlock.

The idea behind those parties was to create an entire demo from scratch in three days time.

The name MC-Paddy stands for MC (Machine Code) Paddy (Party) and was to be understood as a bit of a programming marathon.

Two other MC-Paddies followed this one: MC-Paddy II and MC-Paddy III.

MC-Paddy I Demo (Download)

MC-Paddy I (1989)
MC-Paddy I (1989)