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This site hopes to evolve into an encyclopaedia on all things Amstrad CPC related. There are now 4,719 articles around the CPC available.
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CPC Related News
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  • 07/01/13: Teodoro No Sabe Volar released!
  • 01/01/13: Announcing the first [[Amstrad_CPC_16KBs_ROM_Game_Development_Competition_2013|Amstrad CPC 16KBs ROM Game Development Competition!
  • 01/12/12: Major CPCWiki software upgrade; please report any bugs in the forum!
  • 28/10/12: Update available of FutureOS!
  • 03/10/12: Australian magazines ('89 & '91) here & New Zealand ones (Bits & Bytes) here!
  • 27/04/12: Interview with Marc Maulin, co-author of legendary Discology!
  • 07/04/12: Wake Up! by Benediction (and associates) reached the 3rd place in Olschool demo compo at the Revision Party 2012 in Germany.
  • 01/04/12: Pac-Man Emulator released!
  • 18/03/12: Wolfenstrad demo released!
  • 15/03/12: New version of Basic released for the Amstrad CPC. Check it out here: CPC Basic 3
  • 08/02/12: dsktools 0.2.3 can copy R-Type!
  • 06/02/12: R-Type remake released finally - and is awesome!
  • 26/12/11: Bubble Bobble remake released!!! Happy holidays!
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Did you know?

  • When the 664 was being developed, Sugar was already looking (and hinting publicly!) at the 6128
  • The CPC 472 was a model released in Spain with an extra unaccessible 8 KB of RAM to circumvent a spanish tax that was charged on imported machines with up to 64 KB memory.
  • With a possible total amount of 832 x 288 pixel (576 interlaced) the CPC was the 8 bit homecomputer with the highest screen resolution ever.
  • OpenOffice for Windows/Linux is a direct descendant of StarWriter for the CPC.
  • The transfer speed of the CPC Booster + serial interface is faster than a standard DSL connection.
  • SymbOS can handle more than 50 times bigger hard discs than MS Windows 95A.
  • FutureOS can load 178 KB in 9 seconds from floppy disc and manages up to 4 MB of RAM

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