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An addon that enables you to freeze any program and store it to disc.

Made by Mirage Microcomputers Ltd.

The device was also available for the ZX Spectrum, this version was called the "Mirage Microdriver", and could save data either to tape or to Sinclair's "Microdrive"; an external high-speed tape drive.

The initial Spectrum version was released in 1985, although there was a later version released in 1986 (see Crash Issue 25, link below).

The CPC version was released in 1986.

The tool can backup RAM contents (including CPU registers pushed in RAM), but, unlike Multiface II, it cannot backup read-only I/O ports like CRTC (vram address/size) and Gate Array (screen colors) - the included software allows to manipulate that values manually (this would be only required with programs that use nonstandard CRTC value, or that use direct I/O to modify colors).

Now, thanks to Jose Leandro, the hardware specialist of the spectrum, with his famous page :


We can know more about this hardware.




Thanks to Jose Leandro :