Mittwintermeeting 4

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The Mittwintermeeting 4 again aims to fill the gap between the last meeting of the past year and the first one in the next year.
As in the last time, the party will be held in a blockhouse directly at the eastborder of the Westerwald in Kirchen / Germany.
Like everytime everyone who is interested in old homecomputers is very welcome!

The Meeting will take place from 16. to 18. Jan 2009

The Party-Place

DRK Vereinshaus Kirchen
An der Buswende
57548 Kirchen
GeoCoords: (longitude/latitude) :  7°54'40.84"E , 50°48'49.74"N

If you have any more questions please email me at  mittwinter (at) dr-zed (dot) de !


( please add or remove yourself from this list. This is the central "I do / I don't participate"-list )