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01. September 2006

Freax Art Album has been released. This is a pixel art collected in one printed album. Quoting:
It is a nice 286 page collection of demoscene graphics, in full color - that makes about 1600 pieces of demoscene art! The Album contains:

  • Commodore 64 graphics
  • Amiga OCS and AGA graphics
  • ZX Spectrum graphics
  • Atari ST and Falcon graphics
  • Amstrad CPC graphics
  • PC ANSI and ASCII graphics
  • PC 8-bit oldschool graphics
  • PC 24-bit newschool graphics
  • Raytraced pictures
  • Handdrawn Commodore 64 disk covers
  • The infamous 'Cracker Comics' from the '80s by Hobbit of Fairlight.