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== '''Trivia''' ==
== '''Trivia''' ==
* Part of the original CPC464 bundle - the twelve programmes given away by Amsoft with the machine.
* Part of the original [[Amsoft 12-Pack]] - the twelve programmes given away by [[Amsoft]] with the CPC464.  
* Released in Spain by [[Indescomp]]
* Released in Spain by [[Indescomp]]

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Oh Mummy
Loading Screen
Developer Gem Software
Publisher Amsoft
Musician None
Release 1984
Platform(s) CPC, ZX Spectrum
Genre Arcade (Pac-Man Clone)
Game Modes 1 Player
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Media disk Cassette
Language Language:english Language:spanish

One of the twelve games that came free with the Amstrad CPC 464 and also one of the better ones.

Kind of a Pac Man clone, on each level there are an increasing number of badies to avoid as you run round a 'maze' to reveal various items.

The item you are mainly after is the key which allows you to move to the next level.

While basic in its premise, graphics and sound, the game is surprisingly addictive and nimble.

As an early example of CPC gaming, it sure packs a lot of gameplay despite its low expectations!


The ancient magic of the Pharoahs of Egypt, awaits those who would dare to desecrate their tombs, disturbing their slumber.

Hoards of riches are to be found, if you have the courage to face the Guardians of the Pyramids!!


Championing the simplicity of the game that others would later use as a stick to beat it with, Amstrad Computer User declared that the "Smooth graphics and polished sound were programmable to be not too frantic to frighten off those newcomers who quake at the prospect of understanding the rules of some of the mega games, let alone actually playing them!"

Amstrad Action admitted that although "Fast reaction gameplay o higher levels of the game" were necessar, they were not enthused by the lack of changes in the pyramid layouts or task and in the end this severely hurt the end rating for the game.

This was as nothing compared to the savaging laid out by Amtix who were of the opinion that the game was "extremely dated and hardly worth considering." Their final review score seemed harsh when you consider that they acknowledged that the game was fun to play (albeit only in the short term).

ACU: Issue 01 (Aug/Sep '84) Page 17 no mark
AA: Issue 01 (Oct '85) Page 79 48%
Amtix: Issue 01 (Nov '85) Page 42 29%





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File:Ohmummy.rom ROM Version of Oh Mummy