Paul Kooistra

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Paul Kooistra (AKA Axelay)


Author of Modern Games :

  • Star Sabre 128K (2009) : en extended version of the same game using 128K RAM.
  • Dead on Time (2010) : another completely different multi-directional Shoot them Up with a heavy empathy on the High-Score burst.

Those games are renowned for their smooth and fast animation, and high level of difficulty, yet are considered the best Shoot them Ups available on CPC.


Known for additional contributions to his games are :

  • Supersly (AKA Sylvestre/Les Sucres en Morceaux).
  • others


There you can download his production and get extra informations from The Man himself.

(this page is a stub and would need some improuvement from peoples who know better, or even from the man himself...)