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Cover of Pirates!

Released by Microprose in 1988.

This game was one of the best of it's generation, with a deepth and replay value far beyond so many productions.

It was ported on most 80's standards : C64 (looks quite a lot like the amstrad CPC version), Atari ST, Amiga, PC and more.

Some new updated versions were made too : "Pirates! gold" (with VGA colours on PC) and a modern PC "Sid Meyer's Pirates!" 3D version in 2004.

It is notable for being one of the (too) rare 6128 specific game : only disk version and 128Ko Ram were supported.

In theory, 464 (+ disk drive) and 664 with Extra Ram upgrade should work. (maybe not ?)

It included a lot of Graphics (Mode 0) and musics.

Games sequences, possibilities and mechanics were varied.

Despite it's ultimate awesomness, the Amstrad CPC port was a bit slow and Graphics could have been a bit better... As they were probably ported from the C64 version.

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