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Prehistorik 2, a game published by Titus Software, was coded by Elmar Krieger (EGS). The In-Game-Music was composed by Kangaroo MusiQue of HJT


Prehistorik 2 was well produced, being one of the latest Amstrad 8 bit production.

It is a classical Platform Game, with horizontal and Vertical scrollings.

Graphics clearly show a 16bit based crossdev origin.

And the PLUS extra capabilities mode, as this game works on CPC and PLUS, clearly display the many differences or common share of the 2 generations capabilities.

Yet it was perhaps a bit too much as the game is quite sluggish too.

It is also notable that the game is unfinished, as it features only 2 complete levels compared to 16 bit version, and was probably rushed to the release as so many Amstrad productions of the late era.

Video contents

This video shows Prehistorik 2 running live on the Amstrad CPC.

{{#ev:youtube|MavWmgzr2P8}} The Amstrad PLUS version, displaying its sweet intro music and the large range of Greys the CPC lacked, achieving a 16bit flavour.

Yet the intro page seems inferior to it's CPC (old) counterpart, due to a poor choice of inks/colours.

{{#ev:youtube|JSBLZtFxnX0|300}} {{#ev:youtube|hadm3xRoEcQ|300}} Longlplays on Amstrad CPC (old) courtesy of Axelino.

Files from Prehistorik 2

Game map


Box Photos

(provided by Beaker)