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RODOS was a high-capacity disc operating system released by Romantic Robot, whose main aim was to allow you to make use of the extra capacity on 3.5in discs. It shipped on a single 16k sideways ROM.

Unlike other similar DOSses (ParaDOS, MS800, S-DOS, ROMDOS), RODOS aimed to do significantly more than provide new, high-capacity formats. Among its features were:

  • Long filenames (no restriction to 8.3 format)
  • Hierarchical subdirectories
  • 'Autorun' facility (automatically loads DISC., DISC.BAS or DISC.BIN if present)

Unlike ParaDOS and ROMDOS, RODOS was not a modified version of the original AMSDOS code: its disc access routines were all new.

However, despite its advanced features, RODOS never gained much of a foothold. This is commonly attributed to the fact that it took up substantially more RAM workspace than AMSDOS, thereby lowering HIMEM and making it incompatible with much software.