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* [[Dual RS232]] ([[Timatic Systems]])
* [[Dual RS232]] ([[Timatic Systems]])
* [[Unknown RS232 Interfaces]]
* [[Unknown RS232 Interfaces]]
* http://cpcrulez.fr/hardware_communiquer_avec_son_AMSTRAD_CPC.htm - lists some further serial interfaces
* http://cpcrulez.fr/hardware_dossier-communiquer_avec_son_AMSTRAD_CPC_CA.htm - lists some further serial interfaces
== Web links ==
== Web links ==

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In telecommunications, RS-232 is a standard for serial binary data interconnection between a DTE (Data terminal equipment) and a DCE (Data communication equipment). It is commonly used in computer serial ports. RS is an abbreviation for "Recommended Standard".

RS232 Peripherals for the CPC

Standard Interfaces

Interfaces using same chipset and I/O ports as Amstrad's official serial interface:

Non-Standard Interfaces

Interfaces that use other chipset or other I/O ports as than Amstrad's official interface - these interfaces aren't compatible with the standard Amstrad interface (nor are they compatible with each other):

Unidentified Interfaces

Interfaces where I/O ports and/or chipset are unknown:

Web links