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[[Image:RubiDigitNami.jpg|thumb|Naminu, Rubi, Digit in 1992]]
[[Image:Rubi1994.jpg|thumb|Rubi in 1994]]
'''Rubi''' of [[Logon System]]
'''Rubi''' of [[Logon System]]

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Rubi in 1994

Rubi of Logon System

Rubi (Stephane Rubinstein) was a coder in the Logon System group He was involved in Amstrad Cent Pour Cent team in a specifical column called "Rubidouilles" where he was describing lot of tips, like a prog to create overscan drawing, used by lot of cpc addicted. He has also created lot of protections for commercial games (like Skatewars on cpc, edited by Ubi Soft) He has contributed in the demo to the "invisibles" but important things like the Zeus logon Packer and the musical loader in the first version of The Demo.