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SPRING has been founded by Kangaroo MusiQue and Nilquader in 2008.



MegaFlash Menu (2014)

MegaFlash Menu is a arcade menu-box for the MegaFlash NG and DP which starts automatically on the CPC and lists all ROMs which are installed after the MFM-ROM. MFM automatically detects System-Roms which are not listed. So you can use MFM as a nice arcade menu where you can select the Game-ROM by using the Joystick and/or keyboard.

ROMAN2 (2014)

ROMAN2 is a ROM-Manager released in 2014 for the MegaFlash NG. The original source was given by Brueggi of Noob Inc. (Timo Brueggmann) and PNG to Niluader and Kangaroo MusiQue, which made some improvements on the code and design to work with the new MegaFlash generations

MegaFlash NG (2014)

Spring released the MegaFlash NG in 2014. NG stands for Next Generation. The MegaFlash NG is based on the MegaFlash of Bryce but has some improvements in Routing and functionality. A reset key was also added as a pause switch and a newer flash chip is used wich can be written by software.

Whacky Wit (2012)

Whacky Wit is a board game made out of 455 pieces wich uses a unique magnetic system. It was invented by Kangaroo MusiQue as a present for Nilquader and was first shown at the gamescom 2012 in Cologne. Right after that a crowdfunding started to produce a small amount of Whacky Wit boards for the public. The boards have "Made in SPRING!" printed on the plate. Also the tube of Whacky Roll has some funny amstrad related text on it.

CPCMon / Simon for CPC (2008)

CPCMON (XzentriX 2008 release) CPCMon is a CPC version of Simon, the old electronic game.